Hoisting Our Sail

RedSail Technologies, LLC, is the parent company of four premier brands – PioneerRx, Integra, PowerLine, and QS/1 – that span healthcare market segments. We are hoisted by long-term stability and the unique, strong relationships that have been synonymous with our brands for decades. Our growth mindset drives us to continuously invest in our business, our employees, and our customers – who are foundational in the communities they serve.

Hoisting Our Sail
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Independent and Community Pharmacy

PioneerRx pharmacy software is more than just a pharmacy management system. Our mission to Save + Revitalize independent pharmacy starts with the people who use our software each day. With a comprehensive array of innovative features supported by our suite of mobile applications, customers can customize the best solution for their pharmacy. The PioneerRx software system empowers pharmacies to enhance patient care and have a competitive advantage against chain stores, using features like integrated patient messaging to personalize the patient experience. PioneerRx’s customer support model is an integral part of the software – ensuring targeted customer service by assigning each pharmacy their own support team composed of a software, accounting, and hardware specialist.


Long-Term Care and Institutional Pharmacy

Integra is an innovative industry leader, offering the most comprehensive, intuitive, and scalable software solutions to help our clients efficiently manage their pharmacy and effectively serve their patients. Integra provides a suite of software solutions to meet and advance the operational and financial goals of our clients. Our solutions are purposely built and mindfully designed with our clients’ needs in mind. As a true partner, we invest in technology and take a collaborative approach to provide a combination of integrated solutions and top-notch customer service.

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Transaction and Data Services

Scalable, HIPAA-compliant pharmacy-data transaction services that give you a say in your customer experience and over your pharmacy’s margins. For claims switching and data services you can trust, your ability to choose starts here.

PowerLine provides switch and data services for pharmacy management systems and other pharmacy service providers, supplying centralized links between pharmacies and their industry partners. The links enable vital transactions, such as adjudication of prescription claims, pre- and post-edits of claims, and direct messaging.


Independent and Community Pharmacy

QS/1 is a reliable pharmacy partner in the ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace. With over 40 years of industry experience, our solutions help community, chain, hospital outpatient pharmacies, and HME businesses remain relevant, profitable, proficient, and successful through technology. QS/1 offers an integrated suite of products, including POS, IVR, document management, mobile refills, delivery apps, built-in prescription synchronization, and HME documentation. QS/1 provides customers with 24/7 emergency customer support, nationwide hardware maintenance, regulatory updates, ongoing product development, and enhancements.

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