Outpatient Pharmacy

Increasing adherence and improving patient outcomes

Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies | Clinical Pharmacies | Physician Dispensing

RedSail’s comprehensive footprint in the pharmacy market encompasses hospital outpatient pharmacies, clinic pharmacies, and physician dispensing, including meds-to-beds programs, 340B, and services for specialty dispensing.

Our outpatient pharmacies make the most of a wide array of solutions to fit their needs, including pharmacy management systems with flexible workflow, state-of-the-art claims processing – including both pharmacy claims billing and medical claims billing – and robust reporting. Solutions for outpatient pharmacies also include hundreds of interfaces to eHRs, automated dispensing, and compliance packaging.

Outpatient Pharmacy

Keeping outpatient and clinic pharmacies efficient and profitable

Bedside Checkout

Bedside checkout with remote POS

Prescription shipping

Prescription shipping and accounts receivable

340B Inventory

340B inventory and compliance management

Employee Payroll

Employee payroll deduction and family accounts

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PioneerRx makes powerful pharmacy management software backed by top-rated customer support. Its suite of mobile applications equips independent pharmacies to serve patients outside the pharmacy. Read customer success stories here and here.

Designed with decades of experience, this system deftly handles outpatient pharmacy demands – from meds-to-beds programs and 340B to services for specialty dispensing. Enjoy flexible workflow, efficient claims processing, and comprehensive reporting.

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