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RedSail offers comprehensive, configurable pharmacy solutions for long-term care pharmacy regardless of facility size or type. Our pharmacies include combo shops serving small group homes and multi-state pharmacy chains with large skilled-nursing facility clients.

RedSail brands have a track record of innovating for long-term care pharmacy, and we believe our customers deserve the world’s most modern LTC software so they can step fully into today’s healthcare roles.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Bringing game-changing innovation to long-term care pharmacy

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Reimagining software for LTC – the industry’s first cloud-based, enterprise-capable, intuitive system

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Most comprehensive LTC system: 300+ interfaces

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Document management, delivery, and business analytics solutions

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Unparalleled investment in new architecture

Cutting-edge data and reporting solutions 

Cutting-edge data and reporting solutions

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Leading options to configure and scale store operations

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RedSail’s LTC leader, Integra, is revolutionizing the industry with a combination of pharmacy expertise and modern technology. 

Integra makes the market’s most functional, scalable pharmacy software for long-term care, institutional, and closed-door pharmacies. Built from the ground up on modern technology, the system provides market-leading workflow optimization and capability and integrates with Integra’s market-leading solutions for content management and delivery to keep patients at the center of care.

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Our switch and data services provide centralized links between pharmacies and their industry partners. These links enable vital messaging and claims transactions, including TransactRx medical insurance billing and cross-benefit reimbursement for vaccines and health and wellness services.

Long-term care pharmacies in our RedSail Advantage Network receive the specialized solutions and integration with industry partners they need for financial success and effective patient care. Our solutions support pharmacy operations, transactional and medical billing services, patient engagement and education, and more.

Cloud Fax is a digital faxing method that sends and receives faxes almost instantly, no modem dialing or busy signals. Pharmacies no longer need a fax machine or fax line – just internet access. The Cloud Fax server is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified, and all faxes are stored digitally and securely within the pharmacy software.

What will pharmacy’s future look like? The Integra X Files podcast and blog series explores industry trends reshaping the future of long-term care pharmacy. Tune in for what’s next in operations, growth, policy, and technology.

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