Our People

At RedSail Technologies, our employees are committed to each other, our customers, and the communities where they live and work. They are focused and determined to work with the highest integrity and provide consistent, high-quality service. Our employees have a personal stake in the success of the company and know the decisions they make will ultimately affect the livelihoods of our customers, partners, and the communities where they live and serve. They believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and community mindedness of our customers and are unwavering in their dedication to them.

RedSail - Our People
RedSail - Our Culture

Our Culture

Our fast-paced culture is caring, communicative, collaborative, and fun. And, our high-energy work ethic doesn’t overshadow our commitment to promote a healthy work-life balance and provide the professional development of our team members. We understand it is the power of an engaged and talented team that will define the quality of our journey. Our values inspire and drive all that we do. We embody the principles of servant leadership and strive to embrace the whole person and their contributions to our family-oriented company. Diversity, acceptance, and respect in all interactions are paramount for us.

Our Community

For us, we know that building strong communities start with embracing the passions of our employees. Our team members donate thousands of hours each year to various causes, from Mobile Meals to Habitat for Humanity, and many others, all aimed at helping improve the communities where they work and live.

RedSail Community

Our Locations

We are fortunate to have two locations based in parts of the country that are rich in natural beauty and charm and offer a plethora of outdoor activities that would delight even the most extreme outdoor enthusiast.

Spartanburg, SC

Our headquarters are based in Spartanburg, SC, and you can’t beat the opportunities that await you. Located in the southeast, Spartanburg is a growing grassroots community with small-town charm, strong community pride, and an eagerness to embrace the emerging trends that promote community growth. Its southern hospitality and friendliness will make you feel at home instantly.

RedSail Spartanburg
RedSail Anacortes

Anacortes, WA

Anacortes' natural beauty and access to the coast is breath-taking and makes having work-life balance easy and sustainable. Located in the historic downtown area, our west coast location is only a few minutes from the marina, parks, and trail systems, allowing for quick access to the activities you love most. And, when you want a more cosmopolitan experience, Seattle is only 80 miles away.

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