The Reason We Exist

From pharmacists to filling technicians and auditors to county officials, and many occupations in between, RedSail Technologies understands our customers’ crucial roles. Thus, we are committed to providing mindfully designed software solutions and services that empower them to improve the health and human conditions of the communities they serve.

RedSail - Our Customers

Independent Pharmacy

Independent pharmacies provide enhanced patient-care services to meet the healthcare needs of their local community members. They dispense medications, provide educational consultations, assist patients with medication management, and provide other comprehensive services that help improve their patients’ overall health. Committed, personalized care makes independent pharmacists among the most trusted and accessible of the country’s healthcare providers. PioneerRx and QS/1 Pharmacy Management Systems provide powerful, high-functioning software that improves a pharmacy’s productivity, safeguards quality for patients, and more.

RedSail - Community Pharmacy
RedSail - Institutional

Institutional Pharmacy

Institutional pharmacies are committed to serving patients in the long-term care community, such as assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Their staff possess the technical knowledge, dynamic skills, and focused traits to coordinate patient care with multiple facilities and providers, dispensing prescriptions and providing consultative services. Our Integra suite of products allows them to be more competitive, generate more profits, and most importantly serve their patients better.

Public Sector

We believe local government is at the core of our economic stability and growth. That's why we partner with municipalities, counties, and utilities to help them serve their communities. PUBLIQ Software’s comprehensive applications integrate front and back offices to advance our customers' operational and financial goals.

RedSail - Public Sector