RedSail Medical Billing

Easy Medical Billing for Clinical Services

TransactRx®, a RedSail company, helps pharmacies capture all the reimbursements owed from immunizations and clinical services. Pharmacies get their claims submitted, payments posted, and outstanding issues resolved. RedSail Medical Billing helps prevent underbilling, improper coding, and missing information.

Medical Billing

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RedSail Medical Billing can assist with Medicare PTAN.

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Key Features

Payment rate

Payment rate near 100%

Patient eligibility

Patient eligibility check in real time with follow-up information

Real-time edits

Real-time edits to minimize delayed or denied claims

Proactive claims

Proactive claims status management for all payer rejected and zero pay claims

Medical Billing Capture All Revenue

Capture All Revenue

Influenza and pneumonia vaccines, COVID vaccines, point-of-care (POC) testing, COVID test kits, glucose monitors and supplies, nebulizer medications and supplies, therapeutic shoes for diabetics, surgical dressings, other DME products, Part B covered drugs, medication therapy management (MTM) – any contracted service.

How It Works

NCPDP® S1 transaction set expert: Submits X12 837 claims to medical payers by submitting standard pharmacy claims from pharmacy system to the switch.

Manages reimbursements for all adult and pediatric vaccines and other medical services: Submits claims to Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and commercial payers.

No coding knowledge required: NDC codes translated to appropriate CPT or HCPC codes, appropriate payer-specific diagnosis codes applied.

Easy posting of 835 ERA files in pharmacy billing system: 835 files referencing medical claim identifiers converted to 835 files referencing Rx numbers.

Medical Billing - How it Works

How to Get Started

Attend a dedicated RedSail webinar. These special sessions are full of information and answers to your FAQs – it’s the best way to begin!

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