Access the Advantage

The Most Clinically Advanced and Financially Sustainable Pharmacy Network in the Country

As a PioneerRx, Integra, PowerLine, TransactRx, or QS/1 customer, you are part of the RedSail Advantage Network – a growing network of ~10,000 pharmacy locations serving over 8M patients monthly. The network provides access to clinical programs that improve health outcomes and grow your business.

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Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Revenue

The RedSail Advantage Network connects you to clinical programs within the existing workflows of your RedSail Technologies solutions. These clinical programs increase medication adherence, creating a healthier patient community and boosting store revenue.

RedSail Clinical Program Types

  • Primary Non-Adherence

    Primary Non-Adherence

    Educational opportunities with or without co-pay assistance. Increases rate of first-fill pickup at the pharmacy.

  • Secondary Non-Adherence

    Secondary Non-Adherence

    Predictive modeling, intervention, and continued use of education and co-pay assistance. Increases timeliness and rate of refill adherence at the pharmacy, decreases complete abandonment.

  • Comprehensive Counseling

    Comprehensive Counseling

    A blend of primary and secondary non-adherence program types, resulting in increased adherence and a healthier patient community.

  • Therapy Gaps

    Therapy Gaps

    Identifies patient cohorts attractive for selective therapy actions, such as vaccines. Results in successful encounters at the pharmacy and healthier patients.

  • Public Health Screenings

    Public Health Screenings

    Interactions, procedures, and screenings at pharmacies to detect or prevent a certain condition (e.g., diabetes). Promotes successful encounters, increased adherence, and better health.

Stay up to date on the latest version of your pharmacy management system to take advantage of programs offered by the RedSail Advantage Network.

With over 40 years of industry experience, QS/1 is a reliable partner whose pharmacy management systems help community, chain, hospital outpatient, and HME/DME pharmacies remain proficient, compliant, and profitable.

PioneerRx makes powerful pharmacy management software backed by top-rated customer support. With weekly feature innovation and a suite of mobile applications, PioneerRx software equips independent pharmacies to optimize both patient and business health.

Integra makes the market’s most functional, scalable pharmacy software for long-term care, institutional, and closed-door pharmacies. Integrated content management, delivery, and data solutions optimize pharmacy workflow efficiency and revenue and keep patients at the center of care.